Classic Croccantino

Croccantino chocolate bars paper box 300g FINEZZA - 10,58 oz

Italian Product, Gluten Free

An elegant, light green pastel paper box containing 300g Croccantino chocolate bars typical treat from Samnium (Benevento). Each bar is wrapped up in wrapping material for foods, which allows to preserve the product from moisture and contamination.

  • Classic Croccantino
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Croccantino chocolate bars paper box 300g FINEZZA - 10,58 oz

The classic Croccantino is Autore's most popular product. We make it following the traditional recipe from San Marco dei Cavoti, our hometown in Southern Italy hills located at one hour driving from Naples. It is a crunchy core of almonds and hazelnuts laced with caramel. Its sweetness is perfectly balanced by a thin coating of extra fine dark chocolate. The modern graphic design of its elegant exterior beautifully complements the recipe it encloses.

The best pairings could be with coffee, passito sweet wine and premium spirits (whisky, rhum, cognac)

The creation of the Croccantino chocolate


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