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You don’t need to be a food-blogger, a wine-steward, or a restaurant-critic to love fine chocolate. This is our new blog about all things cocoa and you are welcome to read a discuss about Quality Food, Recipes, Culture, Design, Made in Italy, Happiness and Tasting the Finest Part of Life. Your Life.

These are pretty much our values. We are a family-based Chocolate Confectionery Company.
Our products are conceived in San marco dei Cavoti, truly Made in Italy, to be more precise, in the heart of Southern Italy.
We learned how to make one of the oldest, traditional and most delicious chocolate bar that has been produced down here since 100 B.C.: the Croccantino.

People follow New Economy but they miss Old Traditions

“You guys can sell chocolate to Swiss people!” That’s what we have been said by one of our clients. Actually Italy is having quite a bad time speaking of financial development and recovery, as you may heard. Because the economy is struggling, we see many of our youngest and most precious minds leaving our country, making even harder for the country to re launch what should be our best resource: tourism.

German airports sent 223 flights to Spain’s Balearic Islands in one week last summer, and only 17 to southern Italy. – Beppe Severgnini (NewYorkTimes)

Antonio Autore, the founder of Autore Chocolate, used to be one of those young Italians studying and working abroad. He’s still working in tourism business in France, Netherlands… Four years ago he went back to his place, and decided to continue with the old, local tradition of chocolatier. Today his goal is to innovate it, his dream is to bring the precious “Croccantino” all around the world.

The vision behind the tradition

Being honest, for us chocolate is a starting point, more than a goal. We know that as long as we strive for this authentic piece of our tradition, we are working for the people, the producers and the territory of this melancholic, yet famous land of Italy.

Drop us a message and let us know that we are not the only one!

Photo credits:
Antonio Autore’s portrait: D-Image
“Croccantino” chocolate and men tasting: Andrea Cocca

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