The shape of chocolate: specialties

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Dessert chocolate

Dark, milk and white chocolate bars are also sold for cooking purposes but with little different characteristics. Why? They are bigger blocks easier to melt because they don’t clot.


For those moments we want more than plain chocolate, shops shelves are full of ever changing specialties.

In Autore we actually focus on this category. We try to make product which are unexpected, original, delicious but balanced and precious, without spoil fat cocoa flavored products filled out of some low quality oil.

Chocolate is a simple luxury, if it’s not excellent it self what of kind luxury is that?

Modica chocolate

Did you know? Aztec chocolate is still made in Modica, Sicily and some thing is the best ever.

Modica is a small yet popular town because they still produce chocolate following the ancient aztec “cold” techniques where there is no conching stage. In this stage all the ingredients are perfectly mixed together, not for the Modica Chocolate.

When you eat a piece of Modica chocolate you can feel and you can see the sugar and the cocoa. Many don’t like this variety, some love it. If you’ve never tried it you should definitely give it a shot!

Cru and origins

Most of the chocolate we find on the market are constitute by blends of different cocoas.

A great blend produces a balanced and great chocolate. The same happens to coffee. But it’s becoming a trend tasting the so-called “cru” which are chocolates made of a cocoa from a specific origin.

Each of these tablets are focused on the cocoa flavor as a matter of fact they are very dark and slightly sweetened tablets.

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