When Chocolate Makes you Feel Happy or Guilty, Backed by Research

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As you may know Chocolate comes from a tree, it grows from a plant but it’s not quite a salad. As a matter of fact, eating it sometimes generates feelings of guilt, in the same time it makes us happy.

It seems to be bad for our teeth but, again, some studies contradict common sense finding it actually has antibacterial agents.

As you can see chocolate generates strong emotions and this is probably the reason why we love it so much!

But does science say something about chocolate and emotions? It does say a lot.

We have crawled the Internet deeper than a Googlebot and we found out really interesting facts on why and how chocolate has both positive and negative effects on our mood and attitude when consuming it.

Researcher say you have the most joy after five or 30 minutes after eating!

In a study by the University of Würzburg, Germany, they analyse a group of thirty-seven healthy, normal-weight women, but I guess the same applies to men? Anyway, they compared the effects of eating chocolate, an apple or nothing at all. While both foods reduced hunger (really???), chocolate definitely beat the apple in giving much more happiness, but also a sense of guilt for some women.

We’ll keep telling you what science discovered about the incredible chocolate. That was just an appetiser.

For now, we want to close with a special quote:

It is better to risk saving a guilty person than to condemn an innocent one. – Voltaire

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