Minuto Croccantino Nudo - 200 gr (7.1 oz)

Italian Product, Gluten Free

Sealed wrap with 200 gr of Minuto Croccantino Nudo. They are little square bites of hand-made brittle made with our local traditional copper pot. 

Minuto Croccantino Nudo is a variation of Minuto Croccantino, without dark chocolate cover.

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Minuto Croccantino Nudo - 200 gr (7.1 oz)

The cute plastic bag is sealed by a green ribbon. It contains about 44 Minuto Croccantino Nudo. You can see the Minuto throughout the transparent wrap. The beautiful bag is suitable for a gift and it doesn't need to be wrapped again in gift paper.

The brittle is made of extraordinary and Hazelnuts and Almonds from selected local producers and caramel. Everything is hand-made, according to the traditional recipe, in the copper pot.

Our dried fruit is all from Italian small producers. The hazelnuts are "Mortarella" type from Avellino area; the almonds come from Bari area.

The best pairing you can have is with coffee, Italian espresso, or even Passito sweet whine wine or any high quality spirit.

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