Minuto Nudo Assorted 200g - 7,1 oz

Italian Product, Gluten Free

Trasparent sealed wrap bag with Autore logo and a red ribbon contains Minuto Nudo assorted crunchy bites without chocolate covering in four different falvours: classic croccantino, pistachio and salt, orange peel and lemon peel. They are little square bites rigorously made only selected ingredients coming from italian excellent areas. 

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Minuto Nudo Assorted 200g - 7,1 oz

A trasparent bag containing 200g (7.1 oz) of Minuto croccantino Nudo assorted in four flavours. They are hand-made squares made in a copper cauldron, as a traditional recipe of San Marco dei Cavoti, combining almonds from Bari , hazelnuts from Avellino and Viterbo, lemon peel from Sorrento and orange peel from Sicily, and pistachio from Bronte. The Minuto Nudo is the variant of Minuto without chocolate covering.

The best pairing could be with coffee, passito sweet wine and premium spirits (whisky, rum, cognac).