Minuto assorted PET cube 200g - 7,1 oz

Italian Product, Gluten Free

A transparent PET cube with a personalized paper sleeve contains, Minuto assorted crunchy bites 200g in four different flavours: Croccantino, Pistachio, Mandarin and Red Current.

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Minuto assorted PET cube 200g - 7,1 oz

The sophisticated transparent box contains Minuto assorted crunchy bites in four flavours: Minuto Croccantino, Minuto Pistachio, Minuto Mandarine and Minuto Ribes. In the Croccantino taste, we use refined almonds of Bari and the tasty hazelnuts of Avellino and Viterbo. In the Pistachio taste we use the delicious green Pistachio from Bronte D.O.P (Catania) and for the Mandarin flavor we mandarine peel called "ciaculli" from the province of Ragusa.

The best pairings could be with coffee, passito sweet wine and premium spirits (whisky, rhum, cognac).


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200g / 7,05oz