Autore's Creams: pleasure in balance

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At the Taste of Florence, Autore presents the new concept to enjoy its creams

Research and design come together in a new and elegant concept to improve the taste experience of Autore's creams, which will be presented in Florence for the upcoming Taste.

"The incipit of the design", says the architect Giovanni Di Vito, from the Vitruvio Design studio in Venice, "started out from the playful concept of balance, as a distinctive element in the tasting of the Autore's spreading cream

The design lines are inspired by the shape of the jar, to arrive at the idea of ​​a spatula that is unique among interior/exterior, product/consumer, food/design.

Hence the creation of a "supported" spatula, almost "tied" to the jar, so as not to have to place it elsewhere.

The design then becomes clear and well defined, Di Vito says, a spatula with a saddle in the center, to be placed on the edge of the jar, remaining in balance both towards the outside and inside, in a joyous indecision.

Finally, the choice of the cleanest material: stainless steel 304 with laser print of the logo Autore that suggests the "sense" (to be understood as "towards") to the balanced symmetry of the spatula itself ".

The flavors of the creams in combination are: hazelnut or dark chocolate with crunchy grains, white with pistachio, hazelnut (40% hazelnut) with olive oil.

We will be in Florence - Stazione Leopolda 11-13 March 2017 stand D83
Come and visit us if you can!

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