Introducing EsperienzaCacao. Learn with us to taste the chocolate!

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Do you know the difference between cocoa and chocolate? Do you know that chocolate does not bite but is left to melt in your mouth?

Chocolate is a special food. Its origins lie in Aztec populations, today it is consumed in a thousand different ways and occasions, eaten, drunk. Almost everyone likes it. We who work for a long time we think of a way to share our knowledge with our customers and those who follow us. This is how EsperienzaCacao was born!

What is EsperienzaCacao

It is a meeting of about three hours, inside our production plant, or in places that host us for special events, during which we will accompany you on a journey that starts from the fruit of the cocoa, up to the processing, to the different qualities and forms. Through graphic and visual materials we will take you far, inside the cocoa plantations, you will see the cacaoteros at work and finally your taste buds will enjoy tasting the single-origin chocolate, without forgetting pralines and spreadable creams!

When and how can I participate?

EsperienzaCacao will begin its first official meeting on June 2, a nice way to celebrate the Republic Day!

There are still very few places available, but new dates are underway. For information and registration contact our Marika, here are all the references:

WHERE: our laboratory of San Marco dei Cavoti, in Via Beviera 56.
TEL.: 0824 98 47 49

Or leave a comment here on the blog and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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